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The Farm Consultancy Group (FCG) is a group of ten independent farm business consultants established 25 years ago. We all run our own businesses, some working on our own, others with employed staff and associates with a total of twenty five consultants nationwide.

The Sherborne office, Midwest Consulting Ltd, has five experienced advisors and one experienced farm secretary.

We collaborate on training, indemnity insurance, marketing, software development, office supplies etc. We keep up to date with internal training sessions run by colleagues or external training from the leading experts in specific business areas. We are in virtual daily email contact with each other with a number of queries circulating on various topics, ranging from technical queries to business ideas. This is a great strength to our clients, as it means if somebody has an idea or a problem somebody else within FCG will have experienced it or had a client experience it and may well be able to pass on some relevant help. In this way we feel our clients are also very much part of the FCG ethic.

Gerard Finnan – Farm Management Consultant  & Director Tel 07976 426420

Phil Cooper – Farm Management Consultant & Director  Tel 07798 673665

Sophie Cahill – Farm Consultant  Tel 07496 587011

Ed Warren  – Business Management Consultant  Tel 07434 723446

Tom Malleson – Agricultural Consultant Tel 07496 760242

Mark Yearsley – Agricultural Consultant Tel 07984 785190

Andrew Jones – Nutritionist Tel 07717 442888

Liz Tabor – Farm Secretary Tel 07980 334697

Emily Wynder – Rural Compliance Consultant Tel 07944 680469

Karen King – Office Manager  Tel 01935 850093

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